Sunday, 23 November 2014

Julius Agwu and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Take a Selfie Together!

Julius Agwu and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Takes a Selfie Together.

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Breaking News: 19-Year Old Miss Exclusive Nigeria 2013 Tonye Mabel Sobio is Dead!

Young, talented, beautiful model and winner of Miss Exclusive Nigeria 2013, Tonye Mabel Sobio has passed on. SHe was said to have died yesterday, 22nd of November 2014. She was 19yeears of age.
Tonye was said to have complained of stomach pains yesterday but sadly died on her way to the hospital. Doctors suggested that she died of food poisoning.

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Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor Denies Evicting His Mother Over Witchcraft!

Emmanuel Adebayor has refuted claims that he kicked his mother out of his house in Togo over ‘Juju’.

The Togolese Captain believes witchcraft is being practiced upon him but couldn’t point out who the culprit is insisting his mother left on her own volition.

Speaking to a radio station in Ghana, the Tottenham striker said:

‘Obviously I’m not a pastor, I am a footballer so I cannot point out a witch…

“..I never sacked my mum from the house; she decided to leave the house…But how am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward, so I will just be on my side and do my thing.’

“They should stop talking talking, they should stop doing Juju on me; they should leave me alone…The one talking there and calling herself my sister I bought a house in East Legon for $1.2m…can you imagine that sister went to rent the house without my knowledge?”

Emmanuel Adebayor also made it clear that the responsibility of taking care of his mother should be shared equally among his siblings.

“The shared my houses, they shared my cars, they say if he dies this car is for you, this house is for you, can you imagine?”

“Right now they don’t need money…If they claim I am not looking after my mother, we are seven in the family, and so why can’t the rest do it?

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Bruce Jenner Advises Khloe Kardashian To Take Lamar Odom Back!

Bruce Jenner Begs Khloe Kardashian. To Give Lamar Odom One More Chance.

Via- Hollywood Life

Bruce Jenner isn’t a fan of telling his kids what to do, but when it comes to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, he feels differently. On Nov. 19, the former Olympian had a heartfelt conversation with Khloe and literally begged her to take Lamar back, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Bruce doesn’t think Khloe, 30, and Lamar, 35, should call it quits just yet – he’s even urging Khloe to give Lamar a second chance.

“Bruce is playing match maker and trying to level with Khloe. He thinks she should take Lamar back. Despite all the cheating, alleged drug use and his NBA career loss, Bruce still thinks Lamar’s good for Khloe and he let her know that,” a source tells HollywoodLife

We’re told Bruce got deep with Khloe and recited some influential quotes to try and convince the reality star that Lamar’s the man for her!

“He loves John Wooden. He threw a Wooden line at her and told her ‘if you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?’

“He tried to convey to Khloe that mistakes happen in relationships and that forgiveness is most important,” the source explains. “He told her ‘you and Lamar are still so very young, there’s still time to make it work.’”

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Beats Music to be Available on All iPhones in 2015

New reports claim that in March 2015, an IOS update will equip all iPhones with the Beats Music service.

The service will reportedly cost $9.99 per year.

“In March of 2015, an iOS update will reportedly equip all iPhones with the Beats Music service and users can pay with $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

This install will introduce the relaunch of the service, which is currently unavailable.”

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Birdman Forced to Kneel Down And Apologize to a Woman at Gunpoint [LOOK]

Last week, report has it that the YMCMB cofounder is not paying his employees, partners and contractors over the years. Bryan Williams “Birdman” has been hit with multiple lawsuits in order for others to receive payments they were owed.

In a recent interview, former business partner of YMCMB explains how Birdman was held up at gunpoint and forced to apologize to her.

Wendy Day helped broker a $30 million distribution deal between Cash Money and Universal. Wendy claims New York rapper Freddie Fox ran up on Birdman with a gun and forced him to call her and apologize for not paying her.

“At one point, one of my artist friends bumped into Birdman and put a gun to his head and made him call and apologize to me, which he did,” said Day. “[Birdman] called me up and said ‘oh, your friend just pulled me out of Hot 97 and I’m here on the street, on my knees and I want to apologize to you.’ I really didn’t care about the apology. I wanted to know, why would somebody s**t on someone that changed their life for the better?”

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I’m Not Pregnant For Phyno- Singer Rita Edmond Debunks Rumor

Rumor has it that upcoming singer Rita Edmond is pregnant for Phyno.Rita told The Sun that the pregnancy rumor boasted her career and she’s not in a relationship with the Alobam crooner.

Read Excerpts from the interview below:

On How The Pregnancy Rumor Affected Her Life

The Phyno saga actually hit me like a ton of bricks! I had no idea where the story came from. It was so embarrassing. People kept calling to ask if I was actually pregnant for Phyno. The news was everywhere.

It went viral on social media. Honestly, I laughed when the first person mentioned it. I thought it was just a joke until she told me it was a hot item in the news. I was shocked when I saw my picture and Phyno’s on social media stating the heartbreaking rumour. I actually cried because of the dirt on my image as a young lady. But I have put it behind me and moved on.

When asked if she’s trying to avoid the relationship issue, she said,

I never dated Phyno and I don’t intend to go into a romantic relationship with him. But, he is a nice and handsome guy even if I have a crush on him; it will be because of his style of music.

On What if Phyno decides to ask her out

Let him come and ask me out then we will find out (laughter).

How the rumor affected her career

It affected my career positively. People were happy because Phyno is loved by many. In fact, I won’t mince words because the experience opened doors for me. Wherever I go, before I say Jackie Robinson, people ask ‘Are you Rita Edmond, Phyno’s girlfriend?’ And I tell them that no, I am Rita Edmond but I am not dating Phyno. They give me preferential treatment whereever I go. It has actually helped me to make meaningful friendships in the entertainment industry.

On if she’s in a relationship

Honestly, I have someone in my life but it is my private life. Most people have been asking on social media if the guy in the video of Lovy Lovy is my man. Let me state here categorically that he is not my boyfriend but a model.

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Confession: I Touched a Girl’s Oranges in Front of Her Boyfriend-Rhymzo

If you’re a star, there’s nothing you can’t do with them girls. Reggae artist, Rhymzo told The Sun one of the craziest things he has ever done.

Rhymzo said he once touched a girl’s in front of her man.. If you’re the guy, what would you do?

Read excerpts from the interview below and share your opinion:

When was the first time you performed on stage?

That was in the ‘90s in my undergraduate days at the University of Benin. I was also part of the organisers of a show, which the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti headlined so, I opened for him.

Did you panic opening for an iconic musician like Fela?

No, and that was because I knew my audience. I had little or no problem communicating with them. In fact, that show has formed the foundation for my energetic performance to date.

How do you relate with your male and female fans?

I relate with them with lots of respect and spirituality because I don’t do girl stuff, my fans also relate with me seriously.

What crazy thing has a male fan done to you?

A male fan once dragged me off the stage by stretching his hands like he wanted to shake me but as I attempted to do that, he dragged me off the stage. However, I was not injured because he held on to me until I freed myself from his grasp and got back on stage.

What of female fans?

A female fan came to me back stage with her boyfriend, took off her blouse and asked me to autograph her While I was still wondering and trying to comprehend what was happening, her boyfriend brought out a pen and pleaded with me to autograph his girlfriend’s bo.obs, describing her as my biggest fan.

Did you do it?

Yes, I did and it was crazy and magical.

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Meet The Rihanna Look-Alike Who Is Making A Career Out Of Her Resemblance!

Meet Andele Lara, the 22-year-old student who is the mirror-image of risque superstar Rihanna.

Andele, from Boston, Massachusetts is such a dead-ringer for the Bajan beauty that she can’t step out the house without being mobbed by screaming Rihanna fans.

Strangers follow Andele on her way to work and send her fan mail whilst companies pay her thousands of pounds to endorse their products – making her life not too dissimilar to the Umbrella singer.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Checkout Tonto Dikeh Looking Fabulously Pinky || Photos

Tonto Dikeh stepped out today looking like a box of candy..Styled by Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swanky Signature  Styling

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