Friday, 1 August 2014

Chai ! Actor, Gideon Okeke Caught In Bed With Ghanaian Actress (LOOK)

Fast rising actor, Gideon Okeke and Ghanaian
actress, Marie Humbert have been caught pants
The twosome took the picture after filming a
love scene in a soon to be released movie,
Poisoned Bait.
Humbert posted the picture on her Instagram
page and wrote,
‘Actors after a love scene..sometimes u
wonder why uve chosen this traumatic
profession..however working with
@gideon_okeke and @LeilaDjansi makes it
much easier’

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Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, & Ariana Grande Pose For Selfie

Chart-topping trio Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and
Ariana Grande are wasting no time capitalising
on the buzz from their new single ‘Bang Bang’.
For, the ladies began shooting the video for the
explosive song yesterday in Los Angeles. Peep
their cheeky selfie from the set above.

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Puyol shows off strength with girlfriend, lifts her as weight

Former Spanish player Carles Puyol has posted
photos himself showing off his superior exercise
skills with his girlfriend Vanessa Lorenzo.
The player used his girlfriend instead of a set of
conventional weights to build his strength.
Puyol retired at the end of last season following
a glorious 15-year career with Barcelona,
winning 21 trophies as well as captaining the
Catalan giants for 10 years.

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We Also Do Proper Shows- Davido Replies Wizkid With This Picture (LOOK)

Wizkid and Davido who have been exchanging
words on Twitter for a while now have decided
to take their beef to another dimension by
sharing pictures of there concert venues.
It was Wizkid who first displayed his New York
concert’s Venue calling out Davido that he
doesnt go for standard concerts and all. Well…
Davido show off His own.

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Finally??? Karrueche Dumps Chris Brown…

Chris Brown played the Rihanna card one too
many times with Karrueche Tran … we’ve
learned Karrueche has not only broken up with
him … for safe measure she changed her
Finally??? Karrueche Dumps Chris Brown…
Our sources say Karrueche exploded when Chris
recently “liked” 2 fan photos on Instagram of
Rihanna and him together.
But Rihanna was only a small part of
Karrueche’s problems with Chris. We’re told she
was unhappy for a long time … as sources put
it, because “Chris acts immature, like a child.”
She thinks he’s ruining his life by spending
more time partying than making music.
Chris’ reaction to the break up has been
breathtaking. He went to St. Tropez this week
and took a very good friend of Karrueche’s
along for the ride. And he made a point to be
photographed with her … making sure
Karrueche would see it.
Karrueche’s reaction was not jealousy. We’re
told she’s changed her phone number …
specifically so Chris couldn’t contact her.
Boy … it takes guts.

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Commonwealth Staff Fired For Taking Selfies With Usain Bolt

Daily Mail has reported that three security
guards have been fired for taking photos with
Usain Bolt while he was training.
The guards, who are employed by Sword
Security, were reportedly on duty at the Lesser
Hampden training ground in Glasgow on
Wednesday, when they approached Bolt and
asked to take photos. He reportedly obliged.
The Daily Mail said a supervisor, who asked the
guards to put their phones away while the star
athlete trained, fired them.
A statement by the company confirmed the
guards in question had been removed from
their roles at the Commonwealth Games for
breaching their conditions of employment, but
were still employed at the firm.
Officials are now said to have told staff at the
games to be professional and not approach
athletes for photos.
An official from the Commonwealth Games is
reported to have said, “When Bolt is in house,
people are reminded he’s here to compete not
to pose for personal photos. People are
reminded to concentrate on their jobs and the
job at hand.”

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Actress Dayo Amusa Shares Holiday Pictures (LOOK)

Nollywood start actress turned producer has
been away in London on holiday for sometime
now. The light skinned actress shared photos of
herself unwinding at the Dangenham swimming
pool in East London.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

New Reports Shows Nigerians Spend Close To N1.8bn On Sports Betting Daily

About 60 million Nigerians between 18 and 40
years of age may be spending up to N1.8 billion
on sports betting daily, investigation by the
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reveals.
The investigation showed that they commit on
the average N3,000 on sports betting daily.
Dotun Ajekigbe, a sport betting analyst, said
that sport betting though risky was also
Ajekigbe said that about 60 million Nigerians
placed bets on different matches daily across
the country.
He said that most unemployed youths have
taken to online and other forms of sports
betting to make a living.
According to him, from findings this group of
people stake an average of N3,000 daily.
“Sport betting is gambling, not investing in bank
“But almost everything in life is a gamble, more
so with money matters. With gambling comes
risks because it not 100 per cent guaranteed.
“However, you can dramatically reduce your
risks by taking calculated risks only.
“When you take calculated risks, you base your
decisions on sound research and evidence, not
“Sport betting is by chance. The better informed
the player is, the better the chance he/she has
of making money,” he said.
Mr Ambrose Obialor, who runs Yobo Viewing
Centre, Lagos, says that some people bet
between N2, 000, N10, 000 and above,
depending on the individual.
He said that some people denied themselves of
food after spending all they had on a bet.
Mr Afeez Adigun, an agent for 1960 Bet
Company, Lagos, said that between 200 and 300
people visit his office to place bets on match
days during football seasons. while about 150
people bet at off-seasons.
According to him, a betting company can
generate up to N20 million monthly and use
between N5 million and N7 million to meet
winners obligations in terms of payment.
He also described sports’ betting as very risky
but highly rewarding business.
A representative of another betting company,
Betting World, who did not want his name
mentioned, said that sport betting companies
have employed about 50 youths in Lagos.
He also said that betting outlets were always
filled with countless young people between ages
18 and 40 who come to place their bets.
The representative said that most people
borrow as much as 10,000 for their daily stakes,
stressing that some of them win, while others
lose but returned for the next day’s betting.
He said that most people did not like to place
bets on Nigerian matches because they were
highly predictable.
Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila, Chief Executive Officer,
Lagos State Lottery Board, said the lottery
industry was very risky but also lucrative.
Gbajabiamila said that the board generated
about N1 million in 2013 from about 11 sport
betting companies in the state.
He added that more revenue could be
generated with more investment to develop the
“The state government has been making efforts
to provide an enabling environment for the
lottery industry but only 40 per cent of the
industry had been tapped into.
“We urge the Federal Government to create a
more enabling environment for operators in the
industry to increase revenue and create jobs for
“The major needs of the operators are improved
electricity and internet provision to boost the
business,” he said.
He restated the commitment of the board to rid
the state of illegal lottery operators.

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BBM Surfaces On Windows Phone Store As Private Beta

BBM Surfaces On Windows Phone Store As
Private Beta
We know BBM is coming to Windows Phone this
July, we just don’t know the specific day in July.
But if the most recent development is any
indication, it could be anything from a few
hours to a few weeks from now. Not too long,
even unconfirmed, mega Online Shopping
companies in Nigeria have started fisting on this
rumour – we should expect a surge in sales for
windows devices as people in this part of Africa
have a strong love for Nokia devices that now
run on Windows OS.
A private beta version of BBM has surfaced on
the Windows Phone store, with support for both
WP 8 and WP 8.1. Unlike this paid counterfeit,
this one seems legit as it was published by
“Blackberry Limited”, the official developer name
Blackberry uses in 3rd party app stores. The
only snag now is that you can’t download it.

How private betas work on the Windows Phone
store is your Microsoft ID has to be included in
testers’ list for you to be able to download. My
guess is that it has either been published ahead
of a forthcoming public beta programme or has
been in private beta testing for a while now. If
the latter guess is spot on, BBM for Windows
Phone should go public within a few hours to a
few days from now. However, should my former
guess hold true, you might want to sign up for
Blackberry Beta Zone now, if you haven’t
already, for a chance to be among the first to
test BBM for Windows Phone. But this could
probably spell a late July arrival for BBM on
Windows Phone. There are some unconfirmed
reports it has a feel of the new BB 10 series like
Blackberry Z30, Z10, Q10 and so as well as the
unique windows 8 look with is fantastic but in
truth, I honestly doubt. I believe Blackberry will
stick to its usual designs as it applied in Apple
and Android devices.
Update – To confirm what I earlier said, the link
has now been confirmed as real and there will
be more details on how Windows users can take
part in an external beta coming up soon via the
BBM Blog.
Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed to be legit
even though it was added by BlackBerry Limited
(the name BlackBerry uses for all apps
published) and given it’s marked as beta, the
download access has also been limited, and
meaning only those with special invites can
download and use the app. There’s no way to
sign up for access either, in case you were
Windows Phone Central reported earlier that
Windows Phone UI elements , while preserving
the familiar BBM design but again, as it’s still
listed as a beta, BlackBerry was quite smart to
hide any screenshots of the app so as to not
reveal too much of the Windows Phone version
before they were good and ready. Know anyone
on Windows Phone who will be looking to
download BBM as soon as it’s available? Seems
some folks at WP Central are excited. But I will
advise Window phones fans not to get too
excited – remember how Samsung used the
BBM coming to Samsung galaxy s4 phones and
so on? I joined many blackberry users to ditch
the phone for a Samsung devices and we had to
wait for over 2 months before its real launch.
Update 2:
It is the last day of the month, we are yet to
see the launch yet. Keep fingers crossed – we
may be hours from an official launch.

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Rihanna Steps Out In A Bra & Male Boxers (LOOK)

Rihanna’s incredible body just floors us every
time we see it – but we were left especially
stunned when she went out wearing just her
BRA this week. Wow. The Diamonds singer
displayed her enviable sexy abs and HUGE
tattoo of black angels wings spread out under
her bust as she stepped out in New York City’s
Meatpacking distirict.
She arrived at the VIP Room last night wearing
the black sports bra teamed with a denim zip-
up jacket and white shorts with an elastic
waistband. To be honest, they just looked like
men’s boxer shorts.

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