Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lol They Wish Break Up For What? Toyin Lawani Reinstates Love for her Man | See Photo

Words on the street yesterday suggested Nigerian
stylist Toyin Lawani and her boyfriend/fiancee
Trigga have broken up.
What a way to dismiss rumour. She shared a
photo of the two of them (above) with the cutest
caption of the summer (below).

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Why I Left APC for PDP – Nuhu Ribadu Explains

Nuhu Ribadu shocked the media and Nigerians
when it was revealed that he has left APC for
PDP. He had his reasons however. He explained
on his facebook page to his friends and followers his
Find below
“I know how difficult it may be for you to come to
terms with my defection to another party. But I
must assure you that it’s a carefully considered
decision for which I do not wish to hurt anyone’s
feeling. I’ll not embark on a needless animosity with
my good friends, irrespective of political, religious,
regional and ethnic affiliations.
Let me quickly make it known that I did not issue a
statement disparaging APC and its members,
including Governors Amaechi, Kwankwaso… These
were clearly fabricated, expected backlash, by
mischievous characters interested in misleading the
public and drawing a picture of non-existent feuds
between me and my good friends.
My defection shouldn’t be seen as an initiation of
political antagonism with my good friends in another
party. I still hold them in high esteem, and even
where there are marked differences, I believe there
are decorous and honorable ways of resolving them.
So, kindly disregard any statement said to be by me
attacking the personality of any politician since my
defection. I’ll never allow myself to be drawn into
such disrespectful exchange.
As for my next step in this political struggle, this
would be made known in due time. For now, I
wish to assure you that my defection is in pursuit of
a good cause, and never out of any selfish interests
as portrayed by a section. Thanks for bearing with
me on this decision, and for those who have been in
solidarity with my struggles and still giving me the
benefits of the doubt, I’m most grateful. I’ll never
let you down on this new path. Thank you!
Nuhu Ribadu”

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Throw Back Wednesday with Kcee! Read His Touching Story | See Pics

Kcee took us down memory lane today,
Wednesday… Just because Throw Back Thursday
is too mainstream.
The hitmaker shared a touching story of his life as a
footballer when he was much younger and how
much he wanted to be a celebrity.

“You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat, I
had a dream that one day I will be a celebrity. I
remembered vividly waking up as early as 5 am
every day in Ajegunle shuttling between mara kana
football pitch and boundary market . Believe in
your self and work hard for your self definitely
with the grace of GOD #OGADINMA,” he

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Actor Ik Ogbonna Shares Romantic Photo With His Beautiful Colombian Girlfriend

Ik Ogbonna and his Colombian sweetheart, Sonia
Moralez are without a doubt drunk in love as they
have been sharing lovely photos of themselves locked
in each others arms.
He shared the photo above with a hilarious caption;
“: “Lawd what have I done to deserve this …. Now
this my monkey sonialareinaa is taking away d life
in my poor legs . #faceOfaTorturedMan

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Ebola: “ That We May Not Forget ” – Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh & Justina Ejelonu

Here’s a heartrendering article written by
journalist, Cheta Nwanze.

There’s a statue in Yaba, Lagos, of a man, whom
many in Nigeria have forgotten. His family never
have. And now, we all have a chance to remember
him, and in a way, to honour him. He is the man
on our one Naira coin.
Herbert Olayinka Samuel Heelas Badmus
Macaulay, had a daughter, Sarah Idowu Abigail,
who would get married and give birth to a son,
Babatunde Kwaku Adadevoh. Babatunde would
grow up to become a doctor, and have kids of his
own. One of these children, Stella Ameyo, became,
like her father, a doctor.
She would go on to work at a hospital in
Obalende, Lagos, First Consultant Hospital, not
very far from where her famous ancestor was once
imprisoned by the British.

It was to be at that that place of work that Stella
Ameyo was to perform an act that would save the
lives of possibly hundreds of thousands, and sacrifice
her own in return.
On July 20, 2014, a patient was wheeled in from
the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
Patrick Sawyer, the patient, had shown signs of
high fever during his flight from Monrovia, and was
taken straight from the airport to the hospital. By
the next day, his condition had deteriorated, and he
was immediately placed under observation, while his
blood sample was taken, and sent for tests. That
same day, Mr. Sawyer insisted, with the help of
officials of the Liberian Embassy, on being
discharged. Stella Ameyo, as supervising doctor,
stood her ground that he should not leave the
hospital. It was at that point, while reinserting his
needles, that she came in contact with him, and in
effect signed her own death warrant. One of her
junior colleagues, Justina Obi Ejelonu, who had
the day before when Sawyer was brought in, helped
in checking him, also assisted in placing him back in
care. Like Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, Justina Obi
Ejelonu, has passed away.
There is no other word to describe the actions of
both women, and indeed their entire facility. In
preventing the escape of this patient who had
insisted on leaving, in his condition, for Calabar,
750 kilometres away, both women saved countless
lives. What if Mr. Sawyer had decided that the
best way to go to Calabar was to go to Jibowu and
take a bus? Even if he’d chosen to go by air, which
would have made his fellow passengers that much
easier to trace, the potential damage is incalculable.
The most tragic part of the passing of both women
is that they cannot even be buried decently, and with
all the respect that their sacrifice demands. The
very bug that cut them down is so virulent, so
unforgiving, that even that honour, will be deprived
The sacrifice that Dr. Adadevoh and Nurse
Ejelonu have made is the highest form of sacrifice
that any man, or woman, can make for his, or her,
fellow human being. It is said that there is no
greater love than to lay down your life for your
Both women, and their colleague, put their lives on
the line for 170 million of their fellow citizens, many
of whom do not even understand the concept of
what it means to be a citizen. The very least that
Nigeria can do in appreciation, is to honour them.
I have a suggestion for such an honour, and not
some meaningless title or coin which will soon fall
out of use. Nigeria should declare August 19 each
year a national holiday, and in the names of both
women. That way, some Nigerian child in six
decades can ask his parent, “Mummy, who is Stella
Ameyo Adadevoh?” And the parent can reply,
“That woman saved my life, and the lives of all of
us”. It is the least we can do. It is the least we
should do.
The views expressed in this article are the author’s
own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial
policy of InfotainmentNaija

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Genevieve Nnaji Takes On The #icebucketwater challenge. Nominates P- Square And Jude Okoye |Watch Video

The actress is the latest to join the ice bucket water
challenge which supports MDS (Motor Neurone
disease).She nominated Psquare and Jude. Amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis (ALS) is used to describe motor
neurone diseases which affects a person’s ability to move
voluntarily, stops people eating, walking and talking,
The ice bucket challenge started after a baseballplayer
withMND, Pete Frates, volunteered to have it done to
Its gone viral with celebrities pouring freezing ice water
on themselves and nominating three others .The whole
idea is to raise money and so far,over $21million has been
Watch video

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New Music: M.I Abaga – King James (Radio Rip)

The wait is finally over, Short black boy M.I Abaga is
back with the first single King James off his upcoming
album. He’s been gone for too long even got his fans
worried worldwide.
Long story short M.I is back hopefully he’s here to
stay, i’m not satisfied with the lyrical content but i can
definitely bounce to the beat. Expected more from King
Jude Abaga, press play & share your thoughts!


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Jackie Chan Left ”Heartbroken” Over Son Jaycee’s Drug arrest

The Hollywood actor has blogged about his son’s recent
arrest in Beijing and offers a “deep apology”.
The Chinese zodiac actor said that he is “heartbroken”
after his son, 32-year-old, Jaycee Chan and his actor
friend, Kai Ko, 23, were taken in by police last
The two were detained by police after over 3.5oz of
marijuana were discovered in Jackie’s son’s home.
The actor’s son has left him feeling “ashamed” after he
was arrested in a drugs raid which in turns is a dent in
his father’s personality.
Blogging about the issue, he said: “Regarding this issue
with my son Jaycee, I feel very angry and very
As a public figure, I’m very ashamed. As a father, I’m
“Jaycee and I together express our deep apology to
society and the public.”
As punishment for his offense, Jaycee’s is likely to face
a the years jail term for aiding and abetting
other drug users.
While he is “heartbroken”, Jackie, who was named as
an anti-drug ambassador by Beijing authorities in 2009 ,
said that he will be supporting his son despite his
“I hope all young people will learn a lesson from Jaycee
and stay far from the harm of drugs,” he concluded.

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Justin Bieber Acquires Home With Nightclub | See Photos

On an appearance on Jay Leno many months back,
Miley Cyrus advised Justin Bieber, who seemed to run
into trouble every time he leaves his house, to a buy a
house with a night club. “you have a lot of money…buy a
house with a night club.” Miley said. Well, Justin has
taken that advice. He’s left his rented Beverly Hills
condo and moved into a sprawling Hollywood hills
mansion with its own night club…and now he can party
his heart out with his friends without getting into
The 16,000 square foot all-glass contemporary home has
an 80-foot long disco with three bars, lights and sound
system. It also has a fully-equipped gym, pool table,
ping pong enclave, 10 bedrooms, including two master
suites with huge closets, a floating glass staircase, 80-
foot-long pool and an in-home movie theater with a
160-inch screen.

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I Will Join PDP When Satan Converts To Islam— El Rufai

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and
chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, Mallam Nasir
El-Rufai, has said that he will consider the option of
defection to the People Democratic Party, PDP when
satan repents and converts to Islam.
He made the assertion in reply to a question by one of
his followers on twitter, stressing that he will hardly
take the option. This is coming in the wake of the
defection of his friend and former Presidential candidate
of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Mallam
Nuhu Ribadu.
El-Rufai is a former stalwart of the PDP and served
the government during the Olusegun Obasanjo tenure.

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